Full Features and Services

Backed by our team of human SEO consultants, aiNANSI’s AI works round-the-clock to ensure the top search factors that influence a website’s organic SEO performance are always optimized to the fullest, including:

AI + Human Expertise Make A Dream Team

Here’s exactly how aiNANSI’s full range of AI features are supported by our team of human SEO consultants to deliver superior SEO results for clients.

Monitoring & Management

  • AI Feature: Crawls the website for updates to the key SEO ranking factors monitored. Generates an alert for authorization and/or recommendation for manual optimization.
  • Our Human Service: Monitor alerts, authorize updates, implement the recommended manual optimizations.
  • Client Result: Your website is constantly updated according to the latest search ranking factors, resulting in improved Search Engine Results Page (SERP) positioning, stable rankings and better immunity to the search engine’s big updates.

Keyword Optimization

  • AI Feature: Constantly scans the website to produce a list of the Top Ranking Keywords, both in terms of search volume and return on investment.
  • Our Human Service: Manually research new keywords related to the Top Ranking Keywords. Implement new keywords on the website’s back-end (meta title tags, H1s, meta descriptions and URLs), thereby continually replacing lower ranking keywords.
  • Client Result: Website is continuously optimized for Top Ranking Keywords, both high volume and high ROI keywords. This progressively boosts the website’s rankings for all relevant searches. Top Ranking Keywords can be tracked via the aiNANSI Reports dashboard.

Meta Data

  • AI Feature: Scan the website and generate suggestions to further optimize meta data – the coded info of a web page that search engines use to understand the content and purpose of the website.
  • Our Human Service: Monitor alerts, authorize updates, implement the recommended manual optimizations.
  • Client Result: Search engine spiders are able to have a clearer understanding of the website’s information and relevance, rank it accordingly and improve users’ ability to find the site via relevant searches.

SERP Snippets

  • AI Feature: Analyze the website’s content and suggest top-performing keywords to use in SERP Snippets – the sentence or two of information that is displayed below the URL on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Our Human Service: Monitor alerts and manually make the keyword/copy changes to SERP snippets.
  • Client Result: Users have a better understanding of the website’s offering related to their search, translating into more traffic, increased engagement and higher conversion rates.


  • AI Feature: Identify the best possible backlink opportunities.
  • Our Human Service: Proactively place backlinks identified by the AI on other relevant websites.
  • Client Result: Relevant backlinks significantly strengthen the website’s domain authority, thereby super-charging its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking.

Internal Links

  • AI Feature: Scan the website for missing internal links (links within your website from one section or page to another), as well as opportunities for further internal links.
  • Our Human Service: Monitor alerts and add missing internal links, add new internal link opportunities identified.  
  • Client Result: Good internal links help the search engine better understand which pages of your website are important and what they are all about. The better the search engine understands your website’s content, the better it is ranked.

Mobile First

  • AI Feature: Checks that the website is fully optimized for mobile first. If there are any areas that are in need of optimization an alert is generated.
  • Our Human Service: Monitor alerts, authorize updates and manually optimize where possible. Where not possible (i.e. it is a front-page design error), the team will contact the website owner and advise on the changes needed.
  • Client Result: Google has switched over to mobile-first indexing, which means the search engine prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Therefore a website that is fully optimized for mobile-first search at all times will be higher ranked.

Page Speed

  • AI Feature: Scans the website to assess page load speed times. If any slow load speed times are picked up an alert is sent.
  • Our Human Service: Monitor alerts, authorize updates, implement recommended manual optimizations to improve page load speed (i.e. downsize heavy images).
  • Client Result: Websites with slow page speeds are deprioritized by the search engine, therefore ensuring all pages on your website are optimized for speed will improve its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking.

Site Security/SSL

  • AI Feature: Scans a website to ensure site security is optimal and generates alerts for any problem areas.
  • Our Human Service: Monitor alerts, authorize updates, implement recommended manual optimizations.
  • Client Result: The search engine will deprioritize websites that have security red flags, as it only wants to send users to sites it can trust. Ensuring your website has a green flag for security at all times improves its overall ranking.

Schema Markup/Structured Data

  • AI Feature: Scans the site to check that the Schema Markup (the structured data vocabulary that helps search engines get a clear understanding of your website’s overall content) is clear.
  • Our Human Service: Monitor alerts, manually review flagged Schema Markup and optimize accordingly.
  • Client Result: The Schema Markup vocabulary includes the structure of data on your website relating to people, places and things and can therefore affect pages such as products and services, employees, reviews, articles, etc. If the Schema Markup for all your web pages is fully optimized Google has a clearer understanding of what your website’s all about and will rank it accordingly, thereby improving overall SEO.

Tech Support

  • AI Feature: Generate reports on all technical SEO ranking factors monitored.
  • Our Human Service: Analyze overall reports, identify areas for implement recommended manual optimizations.
  • Client Result: Our experts are constantly monitoring and optimizing the website for the best technical SEO performance. Where they are not able to make the necessary changes (i.e. it is a fundamental web development or design issue), the experts contact the website owner and support them to carry out the changes.


  • AI Feature: Generate up-to-date data for each website’s aiNANSI Reports dashboard.
  • Our Human Service: Regularly review the data and manually input customized feedback on what has been done to achieve these results, as well as what more can be done to further improve results.
  • Client Result: Website owners are able to track their SEO performance at all times, and review the personalized feedback and recommendations. The website owner can also use the data to plan advertising and content marketing campaigns in order to maximize return on investment (i.e. use Top Ranking Keywords in Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns; plan blog topics around Top Ranking Keywords).

aiNANSI CONTENT (top-up package only)

  • AI Feature: Identify the Top Ranking Keywords to use in content, both in terms of search volume and return on investment.
  • Our Human Service: Our team of professional copywriters and editors use the Top Ranking Keywords identified by the AI to create blog topics relevant to the client’s website.
  • Client Result: Consistently publishing good quality, relevant content (i.e. at least one new blog per month) accounts for up to 26% of Google’s Algorithm Ranking Factors. Therefore adding the aiNANSI CONTENT top-up package will ensure a total of 75% of the ranking factors are fully covered, resulting in faster, better SEO results. Furthermore, Google’s search algorithm has become sophisticated enough to distinguish good, well researched original content from bad ‘copy and paste’ content. Therefore having professionals producing excellent content using the Top Ranking Keywords will turbo-boost your website’s content credibility and, in turn, boost its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) position.