About Us

aiNANSI is the brainchild of
Black Moth Solutions Ltd

Black Moth Solutions is a multinational company based in London, which is led by AI enthusiasts, digital sales & marketing, content specialists and SEO consultants from around the globe. Together we have started 13 e-commerce companies in multiple countries and guided dozens of start-ups on their way to success.

aiNANSI was conceptualized via our extensive experience with start-ups and small to medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs). We saw first-hand how a start-up/SMME can have the best product and/or services, the best branding and the best market positioning, yet still struggle to be competitive online when pitted against the entrenched, big budget players.

This is because start-ups and SMMEs need the best organic SEO services to be seen online and compete head-to-head, but SEO agencies are usually beyond their budgets and DIY SEO tools are beyond their time and/or skills resources.

Black Moth Solutions’s digital marketing experts and SEO consultant know that being competitive online doesn’t need to be complex, cumbersome or costly if you have AI doing all the heavylifting for you. And so the idea for aiNANSI was born.

With aiNANSI, we strive to be the Robin Hood of organic SEO services: taking the high-level AI usually only accessible to big budget players, creating custom SEO packages and then making these easily attainable and affordable for SMMEs.

But since AI can’t completely replace human expertise, our operating team includes seasoned experts in sales and customer support, business development, B2B sales and marketing, content and social media marketing, SEO consulting, software development, front- and back-end web development, copywriting, UX and design.

Like our AI, we work fast, smart and hard.