aiNANSI is unlike any other SEO service or solution.

aiNANSI is custom-built for small and
medium-sized businesses

Any business serious about competing online needs killer SEO to achieve Page 1 Google ranking for the top searches relevant to their particular business.


The SEO dilemma for the majority of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) is that they are limited two options:

  1. Pay an SEO agency/service provider, or hire an in-house SEO expert.
  2. DIY with SEO tools that only tell you what needs to be done, and then gain the necessary expertise and find the time each day to do it.

For the average SMME neither is a workable option because:

  • SEO agencies/service providers come at a high cost and results vary wildly
  • In-house SEO experts demand high salaries and require HR maintenance
  • SEO tools require time and hard-won expertise to actualize results

aiNANSI was designed to solve this SEO dilemma by providing a third, best-of-both-worlds option:

The most advanced AI software for SEO, backed by a team of human SEO consultants

To provide SMMEs with a full service SEO solution that is:

  • Fast, and Competitive
  • Budget-friendly
  • Flexible and adaptable to your budget

aiNANSI is powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software
for SEO and backed by a team of human SEO experts

Any business serious about competing online needs killer SEO to achieve Page 1 Google ranking for the top searches relevant to their particular business.

Superhuman AI

  • Works 24.7, 365
  • Immune to error
  • Faster and more efficient
  • Radically cost effective

Keyword Heavylifting

  • Generation of top-performing keywords
  • Optimization of top-performing keywords
  • Prioritization of Return on Investment Keywords

Key Technical Optimization

  • Keywording of meta title tags, H1s and URLs
  • Proactive backlinking and internal linking
  • Mobile first prioritization
  • Page speed • Site security/SSL
  • Schema Markup/Structured data

All Search Formats

  • Local
  • Mobile
  • Voice
  • Desktop


  • Start with aiNANSI Basic, which uses AI to optimize the key SEO factors 24/7, 365
  • Add top-up SEO services as and when needed
  • Make informed decisions based on analytics reports
  • Monitor and adjust SEO strategy month to month

Real Human Support

  • Website SEO audit
  • Professional onboarding
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Full technical support
  • Ongoing SEO consulting
  • Top-up SEO services

How aiNANSI works

aiNANSI is powered by:

80% AI-driven software

aiNANSI’s AI-driven software crawls a website at supersonic-speed to monitor the most important of the 200+ technical ranking factors of Google’s search algorithm – the factors that can make or break a website’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. If there are updates or core changes needed, the AI knows about it instantly. It will then generate an alert for the human team to authorize the update, or generate recommendations for any manual changes required.

While aiNANSI’s AI covers key technical SEO from backlinks to meta data (and more), its powerful keyword capability is a standout feature.

The AI constantly monitors a website’s keyword ranking, which is your web page’s positions within search results for particular keyword search queries. The AI generates a live list of the Top Ranking Keywords (the keywords on your website that are generating the most search results), which is updated every minute of every day. This enables our team of human experts to look for more keywords related to the Top Ranking Keywords and replace poor ranking keywords
with these.

This process ensures your website is on top of the SEO keyword game 24.7, 365, without you having to ever look for another keyword again.

20% Human Expertise

While AI can out-perform humans at an array of digital tasks – both in terms of efficiency and cost – there are still some things only humans can do. This is where our team of real life experts come in: they back up the AI software by providing the human expertise and personalized customer support that only a real person can.

Our team of human experts monitors the AI’s reports, authorizing SEO updates flagged, implementing the AI’s SEO suggestions and manually researching keywords related to the AI’s Top Ranking Keyword list and then integrating these into the back-end of the website. 

The team is also responsible for analyzing the data pulled into each customer’s aiNANSI Reports dashboard and adding personalized feedback and recommendations.  

And of course our human experts are always there for any troubleshooting and general customer support.

= 100% SEO Solution For SMMEs

aiNANSI’s AI-driven software is on the job 24/7, 365, ensuring your website is on top of the SEO game every second of every day.  

aiNANSI’s human team is there to back-up the AI, authorizing and implementing changes and providing expert, personalized service to clients.

This seamless integration of the power of AI and human expertise ensures your website is steadily pushed up Google’s search engine rankings. 

And you can track this progress via the fully transparent aiNANSI Reports dashboard, giving the website owner full control over their SEO investment.

From kick-starting your SEO to tracking its climb to Page 1 of Google search, aiNANSI is the ultimate, hassle-free SEO solution for busy SMMEs.

aiNANSI is affordable for small and
medium-sized businesses

SEO packages come in all shapes and sizes. But, in broadstrokes, traditional SEO service providers offer 3 packages: entry level; intermediate; pro.

These packages range in price from USD 500 per month to an eye-watering USD 80,000 per month, depending on the level of service and number of Google’s SEO Ranking Factors covered (the factors that can make or break a website’s search engine ranking).

So in general: with traditional SEO packages, the more you pay, the higher the percentage of Google’s SEO Ranking Factors are covered.

Which means: the LESS you pay, the LESS results you get. But not if you choose aiNANSI!

aiNANSI disrupts the traditional SEO market by offering a single, entry level SEO package that covers the key SEO ranking factors from just USD 380 per month.

Plus, clients can choose to add aiNANSI’s top-up SEO services as and when needed, or when budget allows. These include blogs, backlinks, web content, technical SEO optimization (aiNANSI Add-Ons) and even a high-level custom SEO package.


49% of Google SEO Ranking Factors
From USD 330 per month



26% of Google SEO Ranking Factors
From USD 170 per month


75% of Google SEO Ranking Factors
From USD 500 per month

aiNANSI is 100% hassle-free

aiNANSI’s accessible and cost-effective AI-driven SEO solution enables SMMEs to simply sign up for a subscription, then sit back and watch as their website climbs higher and higher up Google’s Search Engine Results Page.

Leaving you free to get back to Your Real Business.

NO Labour Needed
NO Time Required
NO Expertise Necessary

aiNANSI is totally transparent

We understand SMMEs need to know exactly what they’re spending money on, and see return on investment before investing more. That’s why aiNANSI is fully transparent and fully flexible, allowing you to

  • See what we’re doing for your website’s SEO via monthly reports.
  • Discuss your results monthly with our SEO experts and receive personalized guidance.
  • Use the data to make informed decisions on your SEO strategy month-to-month
  • Maintain full control over your SEO investment.