SEO Wars: Man vs. Machine – Why AI-driven SEO Wins

In contemporary online marketing, a balance between human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) creates optimal performance and results in terms of organic SEO services. The key is knowing where the two types of intelligence are best applied and understanding where strengths lie in man versus machine.

It is helpful to think of the division between where artificial intelligence and human intelligence meet as being the water line when a ship floats on the ocean. Human intelligence sits up top and is visible, the sunny deck where guests can interact and enjoy their time at sea; while artificial intelligence software sits just below the water out of view, keeping the ship buoyant and safe – away from lurking icebergs.

Productivity: Machine 1. Man 0

There are two major areas of strength where aiNANSI’s AI-driven SEO solution really flexes its muscles, and humans simply can’t compare. The first is that aiNANSI’s AI for SEO works non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No human can achieve that level of ongoing productivity. Naturally, that attribute is not unique to aiNANSI – computers and software by nature do not need to rest, eat, or take a break, ever.

‘AI augmentation will create $2.29 trillion of business value by 2021. This value is equal to 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity globally’

– Gartner Global Research

But when one looks closely at the second area of strength, you can truly appreciate the absolute weapon of a tool that aiNANSI’s AI for SEO is. During its non-stop activity, aiNANSI’s AI for SEO constantly optimizes your website for all-important Top Ranking Keywords.

What this means in plain language is that aiNANSI’s AI, supported by its team of human SEO consultants, is working around the clock to ensure the website is optimized for the latest, most relevant keywords for your website. So that you, the website owner, never need search for another keyword ever again!

At the same time, aiNANSI’s AI for SEO is continually optimizing other important aspects of technical SEO, such as backlinking, meta data, SERP snippets, internal links and more.

All in all, these are mammoth undertakings with complex programming that allow our AI for SEO ​​to seamlessly integrate, resulting in a neat upward trajectory of a website’s rankings in a search engine results page (SERP).

Content: Man 1. Machine 0

It was Bill Gates who coined the phrase “Content is King” back in 1996. In such a rapidly evolving field, it is quite phenomenal to be able to say that this nifty phrase is as relevant 25 years later. Why is it still relevant? Because the customer using the Internet today is not all that different from a customer in the mid-1990s. Then and now, users seek useful information which is paired with a positive experience on a website. Both of these qualities are reliant on the strength of human intelligence.

While aiNANSI’s AI for SEO can analyze content, identify weak points and make recommendations based on top-performing keywords and search trends, it takes a real human SEO consultant to do the job. That’s because humans can think about what other humans want to read, listen to and watch. They understand nuances, culture, habits, good traits and bad traits, trends and subtleties that a computer can’t grasp. Humans understand analogies, hidden meanings, sarcasm, jokes, and the full spectrum of human emotions.

‘72% of marketers say good content in-creases engagement and the number of leads’

– Pew Research

These concepts must be drawn down into something tangible like the text for a website, infographics to explain concepts, news articles, photographs and videos, as this is what people are looking for when they open a search engine.

Teamwork: Machine 1. Man 1

While aiNANSI’s AI-driven SEO solution can bring the customer right to a client’s online front door, it is human abilities that determine how much a customer enjoys the website.

On the back-end, aiNANSI’s in-house team of human SEO consultants activate the AI’s suggestions to ensure the website is accessible, relevant and user-friendly. On the front-end (the content visible to the user) the website owner, guided by aiNANSI’s AI-driven suggestions, must ensure that the content is relevant and holds their targeted audience’s attention.

This is a human-only action, as creating content that is engaging, authentic and interacts with a customer’s sense of humour, their need to be taken seriously and their personal styles of communication is a subtle art. When done right it fortifies the overall digital marketing and SEO strategy of a company to highly competitive levels.

If one roughly divides the workload between aiNANSI’s AI for SEO and aiNANSI’s team of human SEO consultants when it comes to overall website creation and management of the businesses’ digital marketing strategy and SEO, responsibilities could be roughly grouped as:

Humans: marketing (campaigns, themes, ideas), target groups (identification and interaction), links, content, personal engagement.

aiNANSI’s’s AI: monitoring the search algorithms, auto-adapting to changes, providing suggestions for optimization across the SEO spectrum, monitoring and measuring ranking and performance.

Winning the Race

In 2022, the race for ultimate visibility on the Internet will be won by businesses that are adaptable, open to change and cognisant of the extreme advantage that AI offers in keeping websites robust and relevant on an ongoing basis.

‘54% of executives report that AI solutions implemented in their businesses have increased productivity’

– PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Ultimately trying to pit a human against AI in the functions where the bots strengths are uncontested would be futile – and perhaps amount to slave driving when it comes to its 24/7 nature.

But using human intelligence and intuition to build on AI’s SEO capabilities can catapult a business into extraordinary success. This is what aiNANSI does best: combine the best of both worlds – advanced AI backed by human expertise – to deliver exceptional SEO results.

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